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Nexmo Cloud is recognized as a Voice API provider through voice applications in the Cloud. The company was founded in 2010, with over 100 vendors located in different parts of the world. One of its goals is to break all kinds of barriers that keep the developers from creating and innovating. Nexmo has always been able to provide services to its clients without the unnecessary worry about regulation, compliance, latency and deliverability.

Products and Services
Short Messaging Service (SMS)
– Minimize hassles in regulations
– Experience elastic capacity
– Oversee costs
– Analyze traffic
– Acquire delivery statuses
– Automatically split long messages
– Brand messages

Voice Calls
– Full call control
– Call recording
– Voice conferencing
– Inbound call processing
– Voice proxy
– Voice menus
Phone Verification
– Enhance verification success
– Block spam and fraud
– Global compliance
– Modified to regional preferences

Chat Application
– Two-way messaging
– Rich notifications enabled
– Acquire subscriber insight
– Enhance user profiles
– Accumulate engagement data
– Oversee chat app accounts

Why Work at Nexmo Cloud Call Center
Nexmo Cloud Call Center is known to have clients located across the globe. Thus, if you become one of the company’s associate, you will be given the chance to work with different business owners around the world. This is not only a chance for you to get an exposure to the corporate world, but it is also a vital part of your professional development. Work ethics is also important at Nexmo, so you will be working with professionals who are hardworking team players. This will definitely motivate you to unleash your skills and potentials to the optimal level, which is also important as you step up your own career ladder. Furthermore, the being an associate at Nexmo, you are entitled to the following perks and benefits:
– Competitive paid time off
– Company bonuses
– Transportation allowance
– Company heath care benefits
– Matching retirements savings
– Always available snacks, weekly lunches and happy hours

Job Opportunities
Nexmo Cloud Call Center is a multinational company with many vendor sites located across the globe. Thus, it is in the constant lookout for people who will be fitting to be part of the team. If you feel you have what it takes to be a member of Nexmo Cloud Call Center, you are encouraged to check their career portal and search the available job in your location.

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