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Next BPO Solutions

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As its name implies, Next BPO Solutions is the next in business process outsourcing services providing customized outsourcing solutions (COS) to its partners. Next BPO Philippines differentiates itself from other BPO companies by providing each client more detailed attention in matching client’s requirements but helping them achieve, if not exceed, their business goals and objectives.

With a vision to be the leading BPO company that offers customized business solutions, the Next BPO Solutions aims to provide tailorfit outsourcing solutions that will in turn allow it to established long-term partnership and relations with its clients which satisfying their employees by providing stable and progressive career opportunities. Thus, Next BPO Solutions also seeks to be the employer of choice from among other BPO companies in order to consistently attract the most quality employees that will provide expert services to the customers.

The Customized Outsourcing Services of Next BPO Solutions pertains to the sensible utility of available external resources to capitalize on profits. The company provide client partners with their required resources to help them achieve their objectives at very minimal costs. And because it is customized, Next BPO solutions provide full range of outsourced services including Business Process Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Business Center Setup. Business Process Outsourcing generally refers to business processes such as sales and marketing, customer relationship management and back office operations. Knowledge process outsourcing refers to services such as administrative processes, web development, content development, SEO and other services that entails the knowledge of other people. Recruitment process outsourcing refers to the screening of potential employees and staffing of the right manpower to achieve objectives. Finally, Business center set up pertains to all processes including IT infrastructure set up, to help companies build their off shore branches in the Philippines.

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