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Nexus One BPO

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Nexus One BPO is a new Business Process Outsourcing company that deals with call campaigns and gives customer management services to multinational clients worldwide. In the advent of outsourcing services in the country, it is indeed good to consider Nexus One BPO for your career, or your business.

It is now evident in the Philippines the success of business outsourcing company. Indeed, BPOs contribute to the economic growth of the country as they hire people from different walks of life. They always hire people regardless of their age, religion, gender, status, and educational background.
What are the services offered by Nexus One BPO?

As newly established BPO in Cebu City, Nexus One BPO gives various kind of telemarketing to its clients, and it expands its services by getting clients offshore. One of the advantages of Nexus One BPO is there focus. They do not want to multi-task and merely compete with different outsourcing services offered by other BPOs. They would rather focus on their core gifts in giving their services with utmost diligence. They always master their craft and expertise in their offered services. Let us discuss what are these services offered all about:

Telemarketing Services. Basically, telemarketing is all about the marketing of goods or services by means of telephone calls, typically unsolicited, to potential customers. In other words, it is a direct marketing in which a salesperson solicits prospective customers to buy or purchase certain products and services.

Customer Management Services. Nexus One BPO encompasses all the systems, processes and applications needed to manage the customer relationship. The focus, again, is to maintain good relationship with customers. Their IT system captures market trends and consumer behaviors. Thus, ensuring its corporate clients of the best output in hiring Nexus One.

Why join Nexus One BPO?
Joining Nexus One BPO gives you a good experience when it comes to outsourcing services. It will boost your morale as an employee as you deliver your services with the right training and honing, for maximum client satisfaction. In short, you can always improve yourself as a person when you join Nexus One. How about the 30,000.00 php basic salary? Does that sound enticing enough?

Nexus One BPO call center office address:

  • Nexus One Cebu
    2/F JESA Building
    Mango Avenue, Cebu City
    Cebu Philippines

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