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Night shift or Day Shift?

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Shifting is an employment practice used to schedule employees in order to ensure that company operates and provide service 24 hours of the clock each day. It is a common practice in the call center industry whose clients are in other parts of the world and thus considers the geographical time difference in providing service. The schedule of shift work is not dependent on the preference of a worker but ultimately depends on the requirements of the company. Most companies also implement a rotating shift schedule strategy to provide employees equal opportunity or chance to work in the day or in the night. The night and day shift schedules both have their advantages. However, the advantages of the other serve as the disadvantages of the other and vice versa.

In the call center industry, the most apparent advantage of working in a night shift schedule is the opportunity to earn more. Most companies provide a night shift differential pay as an additional incentive for agents working at night, which is added in their salaries. Since, the bulk of work and activities in call centers is also during the night, working at night also opens the workers to more work opportunities that can result to promotions. Working at night is also convenient in terms of going to and from work.

Because there is minimal traffic, night shift workers can leave less early than normal and still arrive at work on time. The time they would have spent for travelling to work is minimized, which could otherwise be used for more productive activities like doing chores, attending to things or at least reading a book. Aside from contending against traffic, night shift workers are also saved from the scourging heat of the sun, the suffocating pollution, and the hassles of getting through hordes or people while travelling.

Finally, working at night also allows one greater opportunity to save some money. Because one is forced to take a rest or sleep during the day, the night shift worker is avoids spending money unnecessarily to various day time activities like eating out, meeting friends or going to mall.

The advantages of the night shift schedule translate to the disadvantage of the day time schedule. However, the day time schedule equally has its own big advantages. The major advantage of a day time schedule is the opportunity to maintain a regular and normal lifestyle because one’s schedule is in accord with the typical normal schedule of people to work in the day and sleep in the night.

Thus, one can attend to the normal social activities that people do during the day like meeting friends and relatives or going to places which are all awake and open during the normal working hours of the day. A day shift also helps the worker avoid the typical off beam propensities associated with night shift workers such as too much caffeine, substance abuse (alcoholism and cigarette smoking), sleep deprivation, excessive junk food and other health problems.

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