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Nighthawk Global

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Nighthawk Global is a company recognized for its focus on the provision of back office and management services for service organizations not only in the Philippines but also, around the globe. Nighthawk Philippines aims to help its clients to improve competence, lessen cost and produce better results.


NHG provides comprehensive administration services to sustain important business and operational processes. From reception and clerical services to project management, the company’s proficient team guarantees to make organizations run smoothly so that owners can stand out when it comes to their knowledge and position in the growth of their business.

Finance and Accounting
NHG also delivers a variety of financial management as well as accounting services, from entering of data to financial reporting and analysis. The competitive team of individuals at NHG operates closely with the client to identify their needs, design a strategy and implementation, enabling the clients to focus on their bottom line.

Information Technology
NHG Philippines assists organizations to maximize information technology solutions these days. From choosing the suitable solutions to address the client demands, to enhancing performance and addressing security requirements, NHG can absolutely assist the client in achieving goals and at the same time carefully operating the IT expense.

Nighthawk Global also offers a complete variety of marketing services to sustain or serve as the client’s in-house marketing team. From comprehensive program and campaign operations to content enhancement, public relations, web development, digital and social media and analytics, the NHG marketing professionals can aid the clients in acquiring their brand goals – from knowledge to demand generation and public relations. ‘

Nighthawk Global believes that one of its greatest assets is the background and professional experience of its people. Apart from the diversity and talent, the company also values new concepts as well as revolution.

The company’s objective is also to deliver the tools, concepts and leadership to each of its team member so that they may be enhanced with a challenging but promising career with prospects for development and growth.

As part of NHG’s promising team and family, employees are offered the best combination of comfortable as well as applied experience to improve their skills and expertise. Furthermore, employees will also discover that in NHG, they value and encourage a satisfying professional life through allowing its team members to consider and balance their work, family as well as personal interests.

NightHawk Global Philippines call center office address:

  • NightHawk Ortigas
    7/F Octagon Center
    San Miguel Avenue
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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