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NNIT Philippines establishes itself on ten years of proficiency and experience, and has also became reputable when it comes to creating a top quality enterprise level software solutions and support as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

NNIT Philippines is a combined partner of NNIT’s worldwide IT service provision, consisting of concentrations in the enhancement and upkeep of organizations and eGovernment software solutions along with IT infrastructure management consisting network and server functions for NNIT‘s customers across the globe.


Advisory Services
Converting IT for proficient advantage. NNIT’s team of talented consultants transports a profound perception of IT and are absolutely capable in assisting clients to handle the necessary conversion to successfully contend in the developing digital age.

Application Outsourcing
Keeping applications current and running. The company ensures maximum and steady performance for modified and pre-packaged applications by means of continuous and practical upkeep, enhancement to retain pace with the client’s business, surveillance and protection of pertinent and crucial data. In other words, NNIT handles these applications so that the clients are enabled to dedicate their attention on their business.

NNIT enables the clients to concentrate on the fundamentals of their businesses through managing their support services. The outstanding customer support service that the company offers are capable of:
– Refining employee satisfaction
– Working out problems effectively and in no time
– Always providing with multi-lingual capable advice and straight talk technical assistance 24/7.

Business Solutions
Technology is not enough, intelligence is also needed. The company attempts to recognize the clients’ business methods, employees and culture. This is because NNIT intends to design an IT solution that will enable the clients to acquire their business objectives.

Infrastructure Outsourcing
NNIT’s systems are continually innovated and maximized utilizing the most current technologies. The company controls continuous and prognostic maintenance to minimize and even remove downtime. Furthermore, the company also guarantees that the system it uses is a suitable business solution and future-proof.

The NNIT values are profoundly attached in it, both as a company and as people comprising it. Both colleagues and clients give life to everything the company does and says. The company also believes that values cannot be adapted right away, and not even skills that can be learned. This is why it’s essential that one should see his or her own values mirrors the NNIT’s values.
NNIT core values are:
– Open and hinest
– Conscience driven
– Value Adding

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