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Non-Voice BPO Training

Posted on February 26, 2018 | 1 Comment on Non-Voice BPO Training

Non-voice business processes generally pertain to a wide range of services which included financial accounting support services, IT programming and software development, multimedia development including animation, engineering and design services , transcription (medical and legal transcription), and even writing services. However with the inclusion of the term “non voice”, this term may specifically pertain to the call center services wherein customer support services are not provided verbally or through voice but through non voice means i.e. chatting and email.

For the general meaning of non –voice business process which included financial services and software development, training for these types of services are highly specialized. For instance, applicants who want to provide financial accounting services must apparently have a background on accounting. Agents who are hired for this job are usually graduates of accounting and other accounting related services. This financial support services may included general accounting or bookkeeping, preparation of financial statements, budget preparation, auditing, and managerial accounting, among many others.

Training for this sort of services is often only available in colleges and universities offering accountancy degrees. On the other hand applicants who want to work for software development BPOs must also come from highly specialized backgrounds. The type of applicants who qualify primarily depends on the required expertise on a specific programming language use for software development. For instance, the outsourcing company may require experts in Visual Basic programming for typical systems programming, Oracle for back end or database programming, VB Online or Pup for interactive online systems programming, Java for mobile applications programming, among many others.

Most universities in the Philippines focus only on teaching the basics of programming usually the C language and focuses on particular programming software such as visual basic. Specialized programming languages such as PhpPHP are usually made available in specialized training seminars provided by private companies. Moreover,PHP developers tend to keep their knowledge on their own and avoid sharing them to people in order to maintain its rarity and its expensive labor cost. Apparently, if more people learn how to use particular programming software, labor supply for this programmer’s increase, competition increases which in turn decreases its labor cost.

For the limited meaning of non voice business processes which particularly refer to call center services that does not use voice or verbal communications, the training for such type of work especially focuses on written English, focusing on grammar. Obviously the voice of trainees need not be included in the training but the typing skills and the use of particular software in which non verbal communication is often facilitated such as yahoo messenger, skype and email. Most companies have their own customized chat or email system in implementing their non voice customer service. In which case, the hiring companies usually providing the necessary training on how to use their specific software systems.

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    Would you help me to be good in english communication skills? Or in non avoice call center agent, an advice pls.

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