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Northern Transcriptionworks

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Your perfect transcription partner. Northern Transcriptionworks is a business process outsourcing firm that provides transcription and documentation services to the medical industry in which reputation, integrity and career is on the line when it comes to transcription.

Northern Transcription Works pioneered the medical transcription service in the Philippines since 2001 and serves over 900 healthcare practitioners in over 40 clinic and hospitals in the United States. It takes transcription to a new level of standard that ensure security, uncompromising quality, speedy and timely delivery, cost effectiveness and flexibility.

Among its major products included the TranscriptionWorxTM Methodology, electronic medical records (EMR) technology that is designed to fully integrate the excellence and capabilities of its services with the strength and sophistication of its processes. This technology evolved out of its pursuit for perfection is to find better ways of doing things when others deem it unnecessary. This sophisticated framework for transcription maximizes both quality and cost efficiency to resolve client issues.

Northern Transcription Works provides a complete medical transcription solutions designed for physicians, group practice managers and medical institutions using a people-focused, technology-based and process-driven platform which starts with quality voice recording using a reliable and state-of-the-art voice capture system with simple user-friendly interface and flexible options to match dictation method preferences. It also has TranscriptionWorxTM DictaCapture which simplifies the dictation process for physicians and allows easy and trouble-free speech processing by transcriptionists to greatly improve speed and efficiency. It also provides Telephony which can facilitate dictation through telephone or mobile phone. It also has the Script Editor which is used by transcriptionists for better and efficient editing tools to improve productivity and efficiency in editing medical documents. It adopts the familiar Microsoft Word format with shortcuts for routine functions customized to medical transcribing and editing. Finally, Northern Transcriptionworks Philippines also has the Dataflow which automate manual preparation and distribution of documents for data management, distribution and storage.

Northern Transcriptionworks is headquartered in 12667 Faircrest Ct. Fairfax, VA 22033 USA.

Northern Transcriptionworks Philippines office address:

  • Northern Transcriptionworks Cebu
    2/F BPI Regional Financial Center
    Gen. Maxilom Ave. Cebu City
    Tel: 63.32.255-4768/

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