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Northstarr Services

Posted on November 13, 2020 | 1 Comment on Northstarr Services

A striving force towards your goals, Northstarr Services is a business process outsourcing company that specializes in human resource management, talent sourcing and recruitment. Northstarr Services Philippines was conceptualized on the premise that the human resources are the most important assets of any organization and serves as the building blocks for a company’s competitive edge and business strategies that drive business growth, solving business issues and catapult the organization to success.

The distinctive asset of Northstarr Services is its rigorous selection of its candidates that fits its world class of elite clients. By world class, the company understands the international standards. It uses international parameters, training, screening processing and IQ and behaviour testing to evaluate its candidates and select only the best of the best for its clients. Needless to say, Northstarr Services discriminates against the uncommitted and the unqualified when assisting companies with their personnel needs.

Northstarr Services Philippines also commits itself in providing the promising job opportunities to local talents by assisting them, coaching them and training them to meet the international standards that its demanding clients require. Northstarr helps candidates who are willing, and seriously persevering in finding the right job fit for them where they can explore their potentialities, grow their career and earn a decent living. The company has a team of HR experts who are there to help people find jobs or coach and train them if necessary in order to improve their abilities and skills in order for them to be more employable and allow them to reach their dream jobs and personal goals.

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    Do you partner with training centers, as far as endorsement and referral program?

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