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Novanet is a global telecom carrier that is interconnected with over 30 international tier I carriers and switch whose principal infrastructure is located in New York, USA, the interconnection point of all the major telecom carriers. NovaNet primarily provides connection for the global contact center industry and provides comprehensive solution that included Voice Services both call origination and termination services as well as Hosted and managed contact center solution backed up by 24×7 support.

The major voice VOIP service product of the company is Novanet, that offers international PSTN termination and local/toll free numbers in over a hundred nations. Nova has become the most preferred choice of VOIP service product because it has more than 10 years of experience, assured Qos over the Internet, for a crisp, clear and jitter-free call. It is an on demand service, hence only what is used is paid. Novanet is affordable for its optimized service, its backed up by 42-7 premium technical support. It is also a one stop shop service including quality global PSTN termination, Local/Toll free numbers, PBX-on-Cloud, Click-to-Call, Contact Center on Cloud (C3), and Audio Conferencing, among others; its always on service through its geographically redundant network, its interoperability with with any SIP RFC-3261 compliant system such as Asterisk, Cisco, Freeswitch, Genesys and others. The company is an expert on its line of work with 70% of its workforce comprised of engineers and its preserves a 100% customer retention rate.

NovaNet also provides the product CloudPBC which transforms business communication by replacing the traditional phone systems with modern next generation communication platforms that features customizable IVR, intelligent call forwarding and ACD groups among others.

NovaNet is headquartered in 42W 39th Street 17th Floor New York, NY 10018, USA with Tel +1 800 NOVANET.

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