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Posted on October 20, 2017 | No Comments on NST Pictures

NST Pictures lives and breathes cinematic excellence. We thrive in providing quality production of the most important occasion in a couple’s life: their wedding day. NST Pictures captures the precious moments in your special day so you can relive the magic of tying the knot with your spouse. The company will be in-charge of documenting the day and let you focus on the transition to the next chapter of your lives.

Weddings are the culmination of a first degree relationship and the start of something deeper. It’s a process of accepting someone in your life and sharing it with them. With that in mind, NSTPictures and our crew encapsulates the story of our clients’ love so they can showcase it to everyone. Every shot and every angle will be shot in such a way that whoever watches it will feel the bond our clients share.

Quality is what set this company apart from other wedding videographers. The company’s crew is fully immersed in the situation are extremely passionate with what they are doing. Every moment that’s caught on film is sure to be heartfelt with emotions just flowing in everything. For NSTPictures, this is not a job; we capture each scene as if we are part of your family.

With updated equipment like cameras, boom microphones and lights, producing the moments we capture will be a testament of the aptitude for creating cutting-edge wedding day videos. NST Pictures Philippines employs extremely talented individuals who are willing to take calculated risk to capture certain shots that’ll enhance the overall cinematic value of the scene.

NST Pictures undergoes a yearlong pre-planning of the production of your big day. We will make sure that every detail is ironed out and that our crew will be prepared for worst case scenarios like downpour of rain.

NST Pictures aims to deliver wedding day videos that’ll transcend time and will still be lauded for its quality by everyone who watches it. The company’s mission is to capture those priceless moments with such cinematic excellence so you can watch it and reminisce in awe.

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