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NuComm International

NUComm International has an office in the Philippines which is located Ortigas Center, Pasig City Philippines. The basic background of the Nucomm International was a Canadian-based contributor of customer relationship and call center services. It is officially now part of Transcom Worldwide S.A and activates as Transcom Asia.

In 1991, the NuComm Chief Executive Officer Real Bergevin founded John Moss Associates; he was a consulting and training company specializing in contract management. The Real Company started as a budding call center business model that leveraged technology, statistical quality control and organized method to structure a workplace culture of unceasing improvement to its business. The company started to establish practices for recruiting and training, try to lessen the call handling times and other efficacies that direct to the contact center client’s bottom line. After which they later meticulously discovers and practice in is book the steps to an effective call center, they begun to take a step in improving and finding some techniques to be an effective call center company.

In the year 1996, the Real Company work together with the wife of the owner Anne, who has also have a skilled as a call center management experience. To make the business successful the husband and wife mutually agreed to make an effort for their business to prosper. And later the NuComm Company soon started operates as a full blown call center company. As the business continuous its operations, they immediately get bigger from a single office that was located at the historic place of Welland Ontario in Canada. Later becomes an International Company with headquarters at St. Catharines Ontario. The employees before has an estimated number of workforce of more than 4000 people nationwide. For a span of more than 16 years the NuComm International has opened at least 15 centers nationwide.

The NuComm has been tag as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, 5 years in the said rank the Real was given a privileged y by being named as one of Canada’s Top 40 under 40 CEO’s in 2001, and in 2005 tat was issued a second book as the Call Centers for Dumm.

Ever since its business takeoff in 1996, the NuComm International Company has developed as a fully certified ISO 9001:2000 environment with a 5,000 employees in 13 fully-owned and operated contact centers across North America and in the Philippines.

Nucomm call center offices are located in:

  • Nucomm Ortigas
  • Nucomm Canada
    NuVoxx Inc.
    703 Evans Ave, Suite 200
    Toronto, Ont
    Canada M9C-SE9


an awsome company to work for. You always go paid for the job that you did, if you worked hard you got paid well, and for anyone who says anything different.

NUcomm is the best center i been with too, recently. everyone is smiling here,most of the people are approachables, SWAT from Canada were nice too.

this is no longer a canadian company. they were acquired by transcom from europe

Nucomm is still one of the best call center companies in the Philippines. It has been awarded as one of Canada’s 50 best managed companies and CCEOC Award – Call Center Employer of Choice for several years now. Try to Beat that. It is also ISO certified!

All companies have their flaws, not one is perfect. What separates NuComm from the others is we strive for contionuous improvement. Instead of whining and ranting, we have to come up with suggestions or solutions to better everyone’s sake. Do you agree?

Nucomm is one of the best call center here in the Phils..

i am currently working for nucomm and it’s great! people are always smiling and joking around. sarap magtrabaho dito, kaso konti lang maganda kumpara sa ibang callcenters

walang shift transition dito.. from day shift, i-train ka ng isang araw na night shift tapos pag-out mo ng 5am, may sked ka ulit ng 1pm same day… sinabi mo na nga sa supervisor at manager, isasagot lang s’yo e sa sleeping quarters ka nalang matulog….

NuComm already move to their new home in Tiendesitas. The company started last 2004 from 40 agents now Nucomm have more than a thousand agents. Its a place were most big call center employees transfers. The company offers alot to their employees. From the recruitment department in NuComm is the best. Everyone is accomodating and professional.

i have been here for more than 1 year and I can say this is the place where i wanna grow old.. stable company, ganda pa ng bldg namin sa tiendi Ü

petix din ang work dito, and hindi basta basta nagtatanggal ng mga agents.. this company is so much blessed kasi mababait cla sa agents! Go nucomm (now transcom)!! You ROCK!!

nice recruitment!very accommodating personnel.. keep it up!

this would be a good company for newbies but not with experts and looking for a career based on what your resume had. In this company seniority rules you might be beaten by tenured first timer becuuse he/she was first there.

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