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NYXSYS Philippines

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NYXSYS Philippines is a compressed term for Next Year’s System Technology. It is a Philippine based operations company that caters to the Generation X. Majority of the people reduce Generation X to a generation that earns more but ends up less and the more skeptical bunch among the generations. It is often perceived as the generation with more exposure to work, hatred and divorce. However, NYXSYS Philippines focuses on the technological advancements and business significance of the Generation X. Generation X covers the gaps between the less savvy baby boomers to the computer dependent Y and Z. How will this come to life in NYXSYS? Simple, it capitalizes human resources to improving a client’s day to day business with the help of advanced technologies. NYXSYS develops a wide-array of products and services to provide innovative solutions to the needs of the client.

Products and Solutions of NYXSYS Philippines:
Digital Media: NYXSYS helps the client improve business profitability by extensive advertising through eye-catching and attention grabbing form of adverts in digital display.

Interactive Kiosk System: A time and cost efficient tool to advertise and make your products easily available to the consumers. Turn your business around by utilizing digitalized business strategies such as the Interactive kiosk system.
RFID Solutions: Secure your business by deploying Radio Frequency Identification. Transform the way you run your business with the convenience and precision of the RFID system.

Services offered by NYXSYS:
Mobile applications: As increasing number of people prefer smartphones the like of Apple, Nokia and Samsung devices, most people find it more convenient to manage daily transactions through a specific mobile application. Be that and offer your customers and prospects the convenience of the mobile application.

Content Development: As you advertise your business, NYXSYS will be your back hand support in improving the graphical images of your adverts. They will help you create a unique and original content.

Information storage: Store and secure your data through the NYXSYS cloud that will limit access to your data with confidentiality.

To provide a no less than excellent service to the client, NYXSYS Philippines made a strong and stable partnership with major business leaders such as K-Kiosk, Paxus International, Samsung, Microsoft and SAP.

Fast and easy technology will help you prepare ranks to the ever changing consumer preference and business market. Allow your business to have a digital side partnered with human touch from your human resource. Advertise in a way that the general audience will never forget what they saw. Advertise with technology. Manage your business with technology. More importantly, increase profitability through technology. All this and more through NYXSYS Philippines.

NYXSYS Philippines call center office location:

  • NYXSYS Mandaluyong
    G/F Paragon Plaza Bldg.
    162 EDSA corner Reliance Street
    Mandaluyong City, Philippines

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