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Obstacles to Customer Service

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Customer service is the care or attention that a client receives before, during and after a purchase, which constitutes a big factors in the client’s decision to purchase and to measure value or product quality. Customer service is at the heart of the call center industry because it is basically the primary service that a call center company provides. One way to improve great customer service is to clearly identify the obstacles to customer service and avoiding them. Since customer service is provided by the agent, most of the common obstacles to customer service also pertain to the agent.

Agent does not have right or sufficient knowledge. For one to serve correctly, one should have a comprehensive understanding of the product or service of the company. Without which, an agent can not provide the correct information needed by the customer or provide the needed support to address the problems of the customer.

Agent does not have right or sufficient skill. This refers generally to right skills that are needed by the call center agent to perform work. The most basic of which is English communication skills because the work essentially involves communication with customer. This is not limited to the ability to talk clearly but the ability to listen carefully. Communication is a two way process: listening and speaking. The absence of one automatically results to failure. Technical skills usually pertain to computer skills, which the agent needs to know to operate. Sales skills especially apply to outbound sales agent who included people’s skills, persuasion skills and presentation skills, among others.

Agent does not have right attitude. The customer is not always right, but they should always be treated with utmost fairness and respect. As a customer service agent, complaints and encounters of irate customers form part of the job. Agents should always keep in mind that customers needed to be valued and are irreplaceable. Also included under this heading are consistency and the strong commitment of the agent to customer service which never wanes especially when tough gets going. The right attitude also entails sensitivity to customers. This means putting themselves in the shoes of the customer who paid for a service or a product and not a lemon.

Other obstacles. Other obstacles to customer service which may emanate from the company included its lack of a clear strategy or a disciplined approach to customer experience management. This includes providing metrics and continuous monitoring to agents. Another big obstacle to customer service can also come from the customer himself such as when the customer do not know what he or she really wants or have unrealistic expectations that is impossible for the company to give.

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