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Octal Philippines was established in June 2002, offering Technology, consultancy, and software solutions. Through this, they relate and connect with their clients and their series of impressive technology. Aside from offering services, Octal Philippines has sincere communication to its clients. With the assistance of technology that they have, this company has been providing cost effective and innovative solutions and services.

Basically, this has come to existence in order to provide maximum value to their clients.

Products and Services

This Information Technology Company has wide ranges of services that they offer. These are the following:
IT Consulting – This service helps any companies to create a better idea in enhancing their business through effective IT practices. Methods, strategies, and techniques which are related to IT are taught to them in order to ensure quality in their work. Through IT Consulting, one’s business is surely a success.
Staff Augmentation – Basically, this service provides the staff or workforce for a company. A pool of competent and effective IT professionals is reserved for the business. Hence, whether it is Contract, Contract-to-hire, and Direct Hire IT Staffing, and IT Executive Placement, Octal Philippines can surely provide this.
Training – Training is important because it keeps people motivated and knowledgeable as well. People should not be stagnant when it comes to learning. Hence a series of training can help them to replenish their lost energy. Moreover, through trainings, they acquire new information that could be useful in their field.
Software Integration – This refers to the strategic use of software in order to make the process in every office fast and efficient. This includes Information Security, Server Administration, Agile project management, and application development.
Free Technology Advice – Since innovation in technology is not stagnant, then there should be technology updates through the advice given by reliable and supportive company, like Octal Philippines.

Why Should You Work Here
The seasoned and reliable managers and trainers in Octal Philippines are definitely trusted by their staff. This is because they offer various trainings and mentoring to their people. They train their software engineers very well because they know that their workforce is their heart in the business. Moreover, the working atmosphere in this company is guaranteed to be comfortable. There’s no sign of any intimidation or any bad aura. Hence, if you are an IT graduate, you will surely fit working in this company.

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