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Offshore Data Entry

Posted on August 18, 2020 | 3 Comments on Offshore Data Entry

Offshore Data Entry is a BPO company based in India that specialized in data entry for data management service requirements. The offshore facilities of the company are located in India but its services are delivered globally. The company has made its mark in the data entry service industry for its commitment towards quality of services and cost savings. In providing its data services, the company commits to the highest level of accuracy as its core value in delivering its services.

Offshore Data Entry offers a wide range data entry services described as follows:

  • Data Entry – included both online and offline data. Data entry services pertain to the conversion of old data (usually in paper format) into digital format (using OCR, ICR, OMR technologies) for inclusion in the modern computerized systems. The company boasts of a simple data entry by scanning images 99.98% level of accuracy and retrieval system.
  • Data Conversion. This pertains to the conversion of data into other file format that is needed by the system. For instance, some computerized systems required HTML format of files to allow online access of files and so on and so forth. The company provides conversion services to HTML, SGML, ICR, XML, PDF and other file format.
  • Data Processing. This service refers to processing of data from survey, forms, and other documents.
  • Scanning and Indexing. This also refers to the conversion of old papers into digital format through scanning without losing quality of document. More importantly, this speed scanning included indexing services for proper information retrieval and archiving.
  • Other related services of the company included data capture and data extraction among others.

As a large and well experience company, Offshore Data Entry had served different companies across different industries including Health Care, Finance, Education, Accounting, Banking in order to secure their confidential data. Philippines companies that offer or outsource data entry services similar to Office shore Data Entry included MOS data entry, 365 Outsource and MicroSourcing, whose facilities are located in the Philippines.

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