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Omnitouch International

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Omnitouch is a professional consultancy company that provides tips and strategies for quality service. Specialized trainings and seminars are conducted by Omnitouch to solidify work relations and work standards.Through Service Quality and Operational Excellence, Omnitouch live by it’s prime purpose. To make client’s lives easier and better. Omnitouch strives to deliver expert and professional assistance through a wide array of products and services. Omnitouch creates interrelated services to allow clients to work efficiently. These services are designed more easy to allow clients to work independently.

Chosen discipline of Omnitouch International

Training and Certification
Omnitouch is a well renowned training ground for Contact Centers, Frontline service and service quality, service quality management, quality assurance, operations and more in all levels of the organization.

Mystery Shopper Research
Research oriented service that creates high value strategies. Individualized and unique services are offered to programs for the client.

Customer Satisfaction Research
Surveys are created and implemented by Omnitouch to rate customer service offered by the client. This will gauge customer loyalty and satisfaction. This will also help measure and determine improvement methods to increase client efficiency.

Service Benchmarking
Omnitouch evaluate and check by comparison any existing services similar to services provided by Omnitouch. This ensures competent services in comparison to leading brand services.

Clients would like to come in and ask for their organizational service standards to be evaluated, including the total Operational Efficiency, Frontline Measurement Systems, and monitoring and coaching programs. With the help of the Mystery Shopper Research, Omnitouch International conducts digital call audits for call/contact centers to gather findings and results on the level of service experienced by the customers.

Omnitouch is currently holding Training Program Series and corporate rates in Malaysia and Singapore. The program course discusses front line support and management growth and development. For 15 years, Asia Pacific has been the home of Omnitouch. It became one of the basis for development in the industry in Asia Pacific. It hires the best people and trains them to be the best possible asset to the clients and the company. With continuing improvement on the Omnitouch programs, global success is assured to handle clients. Omnitouch is dedicated to the improvement of people’s lives by equipping them to deal with company related issues through training programs that fits the current status of the company.

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