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Onecom Resources

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One, Computer, and Resources. These three words comprise Onecom’s name and is a reflection of the services that it offers. These words collectivly mean that any computer requirements can be sourced from one company, Onecom Philippines, which is exactly the company’s aim.

Onecom Resources, Inc. is an Information technology company which has been in the industry for more than a decade. Incorporated in July 2000, the company was started to contribute to the growing importance of IT systems in small and large businesses with regards to their operations. The company also attributes itself of being a one-stop shop computer provide for all IT needs and a source of sales and technical professionals who are experts on their area of specialization.

Onecom’s products consists of hardware, peripherals, consumables and software. The brands that they offer are those that are highly trusted in terms of quality such as HP, Lenovo, Dell and Microsoft to name a few. The products of Onecom Philippines are typically those that are aimed to help in business operations and in increasing business productivity.

Since Onecom’s focus is to recommend and deliver digital products to clients, hence they are strongly in need of proficient sales and marketing personnel. Currently, Onecom has open jobs for sales, accounting and purchasing. Although these jobs are important on the services that the company provides, this does not undermine the fact that these are computer and digital products which need experts.

These technical experts are important since they are in charge in linking these products together to make a coherent system and to troubleshoot these systems/products to keep them functional. Although specialization is better since it guarantees quality service, it would be very advantageous if a single individual is proficient in sales and marketing and at the same time, tech savvy. Since this company is a marriage of sales and technology, the working experience that is gained in this company would be a great opportunity for an individual to expand horizons and to become a jack of all trades.

Onecom Resources Philippines office address:

  • Onecom Makati
    3rd Floor, 820 J.P. Rizal Street,
    Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City

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