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Onward Process Solutions

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Onward Process Solutions (OPSBPO Inc.) is a BPO company that especially caters small and medium sized enterprises to help them attain their objectives by providing modern solutions accessible and scalable to their operations. Onward Process Solutions serves as the strategic partner of SMEs for success. Onward Process Solutions closely coordinates and collaborates with its client partners in formulating the correct business plan and implement the required solutions that the business requires.

It is the staunch belief of Onward Process Solutions that it is by consistently doing great things that excellence is achieved. Onward Process Solutions meticulously conducts planning to ensure that it always does things the right way the first time. As a closely knit group, OPS do not deem employees as mere resources but consider all of them as members of its team who shares a common passion and goal for success.

The services of Onward Process Solutions can be grouped into mortgaged services, social media, sales support, back office services, customer service and turnkey and managed facilities. Mortgage solutions are title end-to-end solutions that starts from real estate signing services, closing document management and Customer after sales support contact. Social Media Management involves creation, distribution, monitoring, development, engagement of custom built social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, or other social media blogs. This also included the measurement of success with reporting and analytics. Sales support is provided for both B2B & B2C Sales transactions.

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