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Opening Spiel

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First impression lasts. The Opening spiel of a call center agent basically constitutes the first impression of a call. An opening spiel pertains to the script used by an agent to receive or start a call. Thus, an opening spiel is a crucial aspect in a call because it can make or break a call. This is especially important in outbound calling, telemarketing and cold calling; an effective opening spiel can generate a successful lead generation or could result to the immediate shut down of a call. The opening spiel can either make the day of the customer, make customer feel good or it could also ruin the day of a customer or disrupt a great day. The opening spiel therefore must be have the right things to say and is delivered in rather effective manner to be successful. Else, it would waste the time of the agent and waste the time of the client.

There is really no straight forward answer or way to craft an opening spiel. Formulating a spell requires some ingenuity, artistic creativity and to some extent charisma in delivery. However, here are some tips which can guide a call center agent to come up with a good opening spiel.

Inspiring. The opening spiel should be inspiring so that it creates a good mood of the customer. It should positive arouse the customer to enthuse an encouraging, cheering and open temper and aura.

Informative. The spiel must be informative meaning it provides educational and enlightening information to the customer, which can stir up curiosity.

Brief. Spiel should be short and concise. The opening line should iazmmediately hit the mark without any further ado or explanation. A script that is long becomes boring. And apparently, it is just an opening, dwelling to elaborate something would be unnecessary.

Sincere. Agents should not only memorize the spiel but learn it by heart. The sincerity of the agent is usually reflected the way the spiel is delivered. If the opening spiel sounds monotonous and robotic, customers can immediately sense the insincerity and artificiality of the agent’s willingness and enthusiasm to serve.

Calm and Confident. The opening spiel should reflect calm and confidence of the agent without necessarily getting to extreme aggression. Calmness and confidence in spiel shows professionalism and self-belief not only oneself but to the company one represents and to the product or service one sells. An aggressive approach can reflect one’s sense of desperation which is subject to many misinterpretations.

Respectful. The opening spiel should immediately reflect respect towards customer especially in cold calling in the assumption that the agent is taking some precious time of the customer to listen to him or her. Being respectful does not necessarily allowing oneself to be humiliated. The agent should also show respect for himself by making sure that the call will equally not waste his time.

Pausing. A spiel should sound spontaneous instead of sounding memorized. Agents should not blurt out the spiel but may pause a little to listen to what the customer have to say. Spiel is part of communication, which is always to two way process.

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