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Operations Manager Job

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The Operations Manager of the call center must essentially manage the daily routine operations of the business to ensure that it meets the company’s established goals, objectives and expectations. It involves ensuring that business plan of the company is correctly executed as planned by management and ensure that the company’s policies and procedures are strictly followed.

In lieu of which, the operations manager has a wide range of duties and responsibilities as follows:

  • Manage and supervise the agents directly or indirectly (through team leaders/ supervisors) so that established targets and goals are met individually, as a group and as a company.
  • Analyze performance of agents as well as implemented programs.
  • Develop targets and scripts and optimize extant programs
  • Monitor group performance in achieving targets, attendance, quality of service, etc.
  • Identify data for strategic planning using grassroots information from the agents.
  • Ensure administrative procedures like “documentation” of reports, performance evaluations and other correspondences are met.
  • Promote culture of excellence and productivity in the office at all times.
  • Motivate all employees to work by example

As a boss of a call center operations, the operations manager must be knowledgeable of the primary business operations of the company especially the principal service of customer service in detail. Thus, an operations manager ideally must have an extensive experience as a call center agent. The call center operations manager should display strong commitment and loyalty to company, must have good communications skills and great problems solving skills, and must have people oriented attitude as well as leadership skills.

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