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Posted on August 24, 2020 | 3 Comments on Optis Philippines

Loved by customers, shareholders and general society, Optis is a research and development manufacturing company based in Korea which develops optical pick up and key components of optical disk storage device. Optis Co, LTD stands for Opto-Mechatronics Technology Solution. It was founded by Lee Ju Hyung (CEO) in 2005 which is primarily engaged in development of electronic parts, production and trade. Optis Philippines prides itself of creating innovation through creativity and promotion of cooperative business based on trust and dedication to surmount all rising challenges.

Optis in the Philippines is primarily engaged in the manufacture, export/ trade of electronic equipment specializing in quality pick up unit. The company commits itself to the topmost standards of ethical business conduct and business practice with particular products such as HD drive, desk top PC, disc cam loader, disc camcorder, ultra slim drive and Note PC.

The main product of Optis is the optical pick up unit, which is the key component for ODD (optical disc drive) for projecting laser light on optical disk for reading data. This optical pick up unit is used for PC< AV, DVD/ CD ROM, depending on usage, storage and size. This product is used also for portable CD player, CD player, DVD audio, CD/ DVD drives, DVD/ R/ RW RAM, portable storage or external drive, DVD player, portable DVD player and recorder, game consoles and players, navigation GPS and DVD RAM cameras among many others. With the prevalent use of optical disc for storing data, the product of OPtis has very broad application sphere.

Optis Philippines manufacturing and customer service office address:

  • Optis Cavite
    Block 3 Lot 1-7 Gateway Business Park
    Brgy. Javalera, General Trias
    Cavite City, Philippines

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