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Orchid Cybertech Services

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Orchid Cybertech Services is a subsidiary of TPG Telecom Limited, an Australian telecommunications company that provides the fastest, most reliable cost effective communications across Australia. Orchid Cybertech Services is the division of the company located in the Philippines that handles customer relations management and technical support service for all TPG customers.

Orchid Cybertech offshore service center essentially provide vibrant and incorporated vigor delivering ground-breaking voice, non voice, and data solutions through one of the biggest telecommunication networks in Australia. TPG Telecom has its own network infrastructure that is constructed from a broadcast television base currently expanded to incorporate fixed line, fiber optics and wireless services for voice and other media communications.

Orchid Cybertech national network comprised of Australia’s chief Internet exchange and third biggest urban fibre optic communications infrastructure. Orchid Cybertech Services own and manage its exclusive information super highway through a underwater cable system that from spans Australia to Guam permitting it to control and management internet traffic into the USA and Asia.

Orchid CyberTech call centers are located in:

For career opportunities, please visit Orchid Cybertech Philippines Job Openings.


Jen says: I am working in cybertech.. dalawa kc dept nila.. mobile and adsl… and im part of mobile. wala akong masabing negative kasi ok yung work environment ko… sa hr ok din cla.. hmmm… weird ng mga comment dito nung iba! haha..

are there any job openings?

I actually had the same experience. Mr Monar is the interviewer. Super horrendous experience as in totally out of synchronization mundo nya. Anyway, I still got in. Thanks to him. Now I’m working here. Hehe

how much is the salary in this call center? Does anybody know?

if you’re looking for a job that allows you to earn a regular call center salary but does not require you to work during graveyard shifts then this is the place for you. they now have a new account so they really need a lot of people. the company is not

how much is the salary for the supervisor?team manager?thanks…

guys, how much is the salalry

what can you say about this company?? any feedbacks??

maganda ba benefits dito?

anu anu pa ba ang benefits dito aside from meal and transpo allowance? Ilan ang SL at VL? may attendance bonus ba?? Please advise……..

17k basic plus 3k allownace for tech support..not bad uh…

if you really do wanty to be a “vampire” agent go ahead and apply for another company and have a graveyard shift, but if you DO want to have a normal HUMAN life, then go on apply in OCSI, although they have already disclosed it, you can’t pay enough to ha

low profile in house company best for me

how much will be the salary for CSR-day shift?

How much for a web programmer? I applied and of course I am qualified. but it seems they can’t pay a minimum of 50K per month.

Magkano salary nang Web Developer?

Just a question???? How come during training trainers interacts with trainee using vernaculars and not in English?

just to let you know you guys are training agents who have previous call center experience and Its not hard to interact with them in English.

hi there. how much is the salary for technical support agents here?

Maayos naman dito 35 calls a day tapos 5 RT’s a day lang. Kaya lang ang pangit dito yung account policy. HIndi customer oriented kaya usually inaaway ka ng mga Australians.

how much is the salary for csr?

hi ilang taon na ang companyang to? stable ba?happy? at anu amg mga accounts? magkanu sahodkung csr ka with experience?

OCSI is a growing company.

Is there any business landline I can contact the company at?

how is the company doing now?

well SOUL is the name of one of the accounts of ORCHID at pag dun ka napunta.. mag ingat ka sa isang POWER TRIPPER NA MANAGER

dito lang ako nakakita ng call center na ilang buwan ng nagpapa COURTESY call for a different dept. Ang resulta: hindi nareresolve ang isyu dahil ang callback na pinangako ay napako lang papata

guys.. u must consider that this is just a NEW CALL CENTER.. nor really that new, but compared to other centers, this center is still growing, and striving itself to the top.

I wonder what are they really looking for? I applied and went through the 3 interviews with ease, matched all the requirments and got more than 2yrs of tsr experience and yet didnt pass..hmm?…wierd!

are these comments updated? i would like to try to apply here and see if all these are true. hopefully not. is it still a day shift??

Aq rin I think overqualified p aq tpos di aq pumasa sa initial, I have 3 years solid experience as technical support..Universal agent n nga aq e..Mas known computer brands pa at networking devices pa hawak ko tpos d2 sa Ocsi..

i use to work as a customer service rep. and willing to continue my work in your company-

hehe… pag d ka trip ng interviewer minsan kahit gano ka pa katagal sa industry na to or kahit gano ka pa kagaling sa tech wala din. Apply din sana ko d2, hehehe

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    Hi Im interested on applying a CSR job.

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