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Origo BPO

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Origo BPO (Business Process Offshoring) is a company owned and operated by Australian nationals. Although, it is a firm with a combined consultancy that is Australian-based and BPO team that is Philippine-based. Origo BPO collaborates with its clients in providing assistance with their requirements in terms of process development, technology, resourcing and on-going preservation and upkeep of their own offshore workforce. This guarantees the clients to achieve scalability as well as providing them cost effectiveness through handling processes by means of their own offshore team.

Products and Services
The company can provide its clients team members of different skill sets to work within a variety of businesses as well as handling a wide range of processes.
– Back Office Support
– Digital Marketing and Media
– Customer Support
– Finance, Accounting and Law
– Human Resources
– Data Management
– Facility and Property
– Sales Support
– Lead Generation
– Appointment Scheduling
– Graphic Design and Web
– Medical and Healthcare
– Hospitality and Tourism
– Logistics and Transport
– Government and Education
– Building and Insurance
– Non-profit Charities and Organizations

Why Work at Origo BPO
Origo BPO has a management team that is comprised of experienced, passionate and talented professionals that lead by example and execute a genuine hands-on approach. The company’s varied team possesses a wide range of skills that allow the company to provide high quality results that go beyond client expectations. Thus, Origo BPO is dedicated to finding the right team members, as it is also committed to develop the skills of these individuals in order to provide exceptional service to the clients. Various trainings that will support the team members in their goal to further develop their skills are also offered by the company.

Job Opportunities
Origo BPO is a company that expands continually, thus, it is also on a constant look-out for qualified individuals to be one of its team members. If you are results oriented and driven by passion of providing excellent service to the clients, then you might be the candidate they’re looking for.

Origo BPO Philippines call center office address:

  • Origo BPO Clark
    Pavillion 11A-1 Berthaphil Clark Center
    Jose Abad Santos Avenue
    Clark Free Port Zone, Pampanga

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