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Osorce Philippines

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Osorce Philippines is a company that focuses on providing Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Customer Acquisition and Support Services. Osorce has contact centers located in Melbourne, Manila and Mumbai, and it also has a Field Agent Network of Contractors all throughout Australia to commence a full variety of Sales and Support activities.

Customer Care and Support
Product Warranty and Support – Osorce pool of exceptionally skilled call center agents will answer the business customer inquiries knowledgeably and effectively, especially if it is regarding products and services. This is to guarantee customer satisfaction and retention.

Professional Service Support – even if Australian agents are a preferred option when it comes to inquiries regarding banking, finance, legal and accounting, we still count on the blended solution to handover to the admin function since international agents are most cost effective.

Sales – Osorce agents are skilled and trained to determine if there is a chance for a sale an in the process search for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities thus, to increase call returns.
Order Taking – Osorce is fully equipped to take business customers’ orders and requests accurately and in a timely manner, 24/7.

Onsite Service and Support – Osorce’s national network of field agents are also fully equipped to deliver on site follow-up emanating from any sales or marketing inbound service the company provides.

Sales Lead Generation and Appointment Setting – normally with scripted calls, the most effective resources are agents coming from abroad. However, if the business requires “local knowledge”, Osorce showcases its Australian agents, blended with the overseas agents. The overseas agents are the one responsible for the scripted points, then the call gets escalated to an Australian agent for the unscripted matters.

Market Research – Osorce also conducts surveys like customer satisfaction surveys, general surveys and onsite surveys.

Osorce is a company that grows continuously and believes that its primary asset is its people. It provides competitive salary as well as impressive benefit packages. What’s more, the company is also willing to invest in its people so that they may be able to move forward towards a promising career. Not only the company is willing to help its employees achieve their career goals and obtain professional growth, but the company also cares about its employees’ quality time for their families as well as for themselves.

Osorce Philippines call center office address:

  • Osorce Makati
    4/F Salamin Building
    197 Salcedo St.
    Legaspi Village
    Makati City, Philippines

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