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OSRP Philippines

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OSRP Philippines was first recognized in June of 2005 as OSRP LLC. It was then started as a small subsidiary of PC mall Incorporated and has grown into a big company as the year’s passes with an ever growing workforce. For the past years, OSRP Philippines have grown their operations in Mandaluyong City, particularly at EDSA Central Pavillion. OSRP Philippines have a total of 500+ employees in every part of their operations. OSRP Philippines became one of the fastest growing direct marketers of technology solutions for business, government agencies, educational institutions and consumers. OSRP Philippines main purpose is to commit to offer a high quality and cost-effective healthcare plans to individuals as well as companies, financial programs and other benefits as they strive to lend a hand in the physical and mental well-being of their employees.

OSRP Philippines offers employee benefits and packages that cater to keep the family and other families a healthy well-being throughout their employment with OSRP. Benefits include major medical coverage and their dependents, paid leaves and more. Medical benefit is a big help once a member of the family needed some medical assistance.

The OSRP team was built on a practice of excellence, hard work and achievement that is why the company continuous to grow as the years pass by with this kind of dedication to their employees & clients.

OSRP Philippines main call center is located in:

For career opportunities, please visit OSRP Philippines Job Openings.


The Best! I got Promoted twice in just two months!

the best call center so far

The Best company for me, I was hired here and i pulled out from my previous call center, and OSRP offered me big sign in bonus and salary is perfect. Pay is perfect no delays and no disputes. Great superiors, majority of them are americans. Very nice work

I passed the internal hiring program but did not received any raise on my salary, in fact I even lost the mothly SM gift check of 500 pesos when I left my department to move to the new one and they promised a training that actually di

i am happy with my stay in OSRP. i am learning a lot with my new job. today march 22 marks my first year and I progressed far from my previous jobs.My decisions are respected, my efforts are recognized and as a result,I got my raise in less than a year!

Supposedly the max raise is only 4% but i got more. More than I ever expected. The Executives are very generous. If you want a raise, show results and be consistent!


Stayed there for 1 year and 6 mos. but didn’t get any raise. Commssion scheme sucks and there’s no computaion of it on the payslip.


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