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Outbound Calling in a Call Center

Posted on December 28, 2015 | No Comments on Outbound Calling in a Call Center

Outbound calling is a challenging work. It entails agents with strong sales background, the ability to deal irate customers and handle rejections. When performing cold calling, agents should carefully prepare a plan in making the call which included a clear call route to follow. In this way, agents will attain greater confidence in making calls. Moreover, agents should make an impression that will interest the potential client so that their will stand out from all the other calls that the client will received that day. Agents should pretend that they are talking to customers face to face so that they will feel more challenged and serious in conversing with potential client.

Outbound call center agents should be trained to handle refusal, rejection, or setbacks. When this happens, agents should maintain composure and should not feel depressed or despair. They should continue to be polite because these clients would remain as potential client in the future. In handling objections, agents should also be trained on empathizing with clients. This means having the ability to put themselves in the shoes of the client so that they can better understand how the customer feels. By allowing agents understand their customers better, they can better handle objection while maintaining a positive attitude in making a new prospect.

Another major problem of outbound call center agents is irate customers or customers who get angry with cold calls. In which case, agents should maintain professionalism by talking slowly and calmly by acknowledging the feel of customers. At this point, it is equally important to take notes so that agents would learn what causes irate customers and make necessary adjustments.

Outbound calling also involves selling. In which case, agents should be trained on how products can address customer needs or problems instead of focusing on benefits or features of products.

Finally, since outbound call center agents will be talking to different people whenever they make a call and have no idea of what will happen, they should always treat their individual calls as if it was their first so that they can maintain the sense of enthusiasm and optimism in making every call.

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