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Outsource2Philippines. is a business process outsourcing company that provides a range of outsourcing services from advisory, research, and project management, business development, infrastructure and IT support services. While the company is relatively young, it principals have more than 50 years’ of intense and real life experience in both the private and public organizations. Outsource2Philippines call center is moved by its absolute dedication to excellence in service delivery consistently on its every endeavor. The company has partnered with the most knowledgeable and proficient service support providers in the Philippines in the human resource, infrastructure, marketing, telecommunications, accounting and legal and government relations to guarantee that requirements are met and the best interests are served.

Outsource2Philippines offers a wide array of services. In the contact center services, it provides, customer service, help desk, telemarketing, promotion and sales, administration of customer loyalty programs for customer retention, new product launching and market research. It offers a complete set of back-office processes that will practically allow a person to run a company without needing to hire a single employee. Included under this heading are business data processing database management , Business Intelligence, Network management , Disaster recovery , logistics and supply chain management, warehouse & inventory, Human resources administration and Sales and marketing. In the Health Care Services, the company provides claims processing and medical transcription of Consultation reports, Clinical, Operative, Psychiatric notes and Emergency notes as well as Therapeutic procedures and Diagnosis.

Software Development and Maintenance services included analysis, design, development and testing of software, customization, configuration, installation and training of personnel. It also provides animation and graphic design outsourcing such as production of 2D and 3D animation, Flash animation, and Website development, For Design & Engineering Services, the company provides Civil engineering design, Architectural drawings, Printed circuit design and others. It also provides Financial services from general accounting or basic book keeping to account maintenance, management, collection, payable processing and administration to revenue management and transaction processing.

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  1. maritess Reply

    can i apply,i’m only a 1st year i.t college level,but i’m good in drawings and design,specialy animation,i’m wiling 2 wurk in any shift,and undergo training..pls i will wait for ur reply.tnx

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