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OutsourceSG Philippines

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OutsourceSG Philippines is an in-house call center and admin support company specializing in Telemarketing, Advertising and back office administrative support outsourcing services. The company started as the Property Specialist.com Pte. Ltd. in 1997 in Singapore focusing on sales and rental of high end properties in the real estate industry. OutsourceSG Philippines was later transformed into a full offshore BPO company in 2010 bringing with it the expertise of its management and people in real estate sales and telemarketing. Apart from providing services to support its continuing sales and telemarketing of real estate properties, the company has also expanded and made its services available to Small to Medium Enterprise operating under the maxim of “Better results at lower cost”. Thus, OutsourceSG Philippines specializes in providing excellent service at a lower cost.

The company provides voice support services which included telemarketing/ sales, technical support and other customer support services that are primarily delivered through a verbal communications channel. OutsourceSG Philippines non voice support services on the other hand refers to Data Entry, copy editing, Web postings, search engine optimization, Email to SMS blasting, Web development , web content development and editing, software development and from Programming, among others. Finally, administrative support services pertains mainly to human resource operations including recruitment and staffing and payroll preparation.

With the values of consistency, humility, optimism, integrity, constancy and excellence or CHOICE, OutsourceSG Philippines defines success as a combination of the right infrastructure, financial goal, best practices and customer satisfaction. This is its underlying values that always promise a win win situation for its client partners, which ultimately translates to higher financial returns and continuous innovation. OutsourceSG Philippines must be comprised by intellectual, professional, and technical experts in order to maintain its leading status in the industry. OutsourceSG is headquartered in 56 Jalan Benaan Kapal Singapore.

OutsourceSG Philippines call center office address:

  • OutsourceSG Cebu
    Unit 8 Galeria Fuente Bldg.
    Gen. Maxilom Ave. Cebu City

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