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Oversleeping VS Undersleeping

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After eight to ten hours of working, our body needs to take a rest. Drinking coffee is not enough to redeem the weariness that one has acquired for a day. Everybody has to sleep in order to regain strength for the next hours of working. However, not all people are aware about sleeping. Some sleep for only five hours and some sleep for ten hours. Improper time allocation for sleep does no good. In fact, it results to unwanted diseases. Higher risks of being sick are truly caused by improper sleeping. Now, what happens if a person oversleeps, or undersleeps?

Oversleeping might be thought of a good way to regain rest from a very tiring day. However, this is not always the case. Most people are prone to higher risks of getting diseases due to this habit. Diabetes tops the diseases caused by oversleeping. Aside from this, oversleeping also causes obesity. Too much sleeping causes one to have unwanted fats even if exercise and balanced diet are present. Ten hours of sleep also gives headache to a person. It is definitely tiring to do nothing. Moreover, most of the people who do this are also prone to be unproductive. Spending too much time resting is definitely not a good habit. People who suffer this habit must do precautionary actions regarding this matter.

On the other hand, undersleeping is also an awful thing to do. It is worse than oversleeping. Less than six hours of sleep does no good to one’s body. In fact, more diseases are likely to be acquired by persons who have this habit. Aside from being prone to heart diseases, undersleeping tends to give fatigue to one’s body. This is due to overworking. More people in this century are overworking. Hence, accumulating caffeine has been their solution in order not to feel sleepy. There is nothing wrong with working; however, there is wrong in having bad habits like this. For students, having sleep is essential in order to process more information well. For sleep-deprived students, they find it hard to comprehend because their focus is to sleep.

Having Enough Time to Sleep
These are some of the things that one should know about sleeping. Oversleeping and undersleeping are not encouraged to everyone. But, having enough time to sleep is highly encouraged. This surely gives more benefits to everyone and also provides the rest needed by people who value their health.

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