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Overtime Pay for Field Personnel?

Posted on September 7, 2017 | No Comments on Overtime Pay for Field Personnel?

Question: If the employee is a field personnel or delivery personnel, is he/she entitled to overtime pay? Specific scenario: The alloted schedule is 9:00am-6:00pm, but the field personnel returns to office 9:00pm due to traffic. Is the field personnel entitled to 3 hour overtime pay?

The term “field personnel” is not covered by Philippine labor law standards on hours of work because the actual hours cannot be ascertained in the field, unless there’s a mechanism of recording or monitoring. By default, field employees or unsupervised employees are not covered by overtime pay.

However, it will also be unfair to the field personnel. Since it’s not paid as overtime, the driver might just leave the company vehicle in the street once his shift ends. The company should adjust their policy on field personnel, monitoring process and accountabilities and make it reasonable to all concerned parties. The management has a prerogative to do policies on its own and be generous on its employees, especially field personnel.

Also, check if the company policy considers travelling time as part of the working time. In addition for monitoring man hours, install GPS devices on company vehicles. Using the GPS can validate the drivers’ claim of traffic based on the GPS report.

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