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Ownership Statements Call Center

In a call center setting or any business engaged with customer service or dealing directly with customers, taking ownership pertains to a philosophy in which one puts oneself in the shoes of the customer. Own the customer problem or issue and conduct the necessary steps for the customer to find solution to his problem beyond the call of duty or by providing extra work.

One of the most irritating remarks that a customer can get from a customer service provider is “it’s not my job”. One strictly acts within one’s defined duties and avoid doing something else even the most petty things like making a call or submitting a paper, which makes it more difficult for the customer.

Taking 100% ownership under the customer care context goes beyond showing appropriate empathy but assisting a client within one’s power including the performance of certain tasks that the customer should have done, and helping customer achieve his purpose. In the end, one leaves the customer in a better condition which can calm one’s frustration. Following are examples of how to impress the idea of taking ownership in a call center.

  • “I really apologize for the trouble and I would understand why you feel this way” – this is to show empathy to own a problem.
  • “What I’ll do to solve this problem is…” – this is to show your intention to resolve the problem.
  • “I will arrange for a callback to update you with the developments” – this is to show one’s proactive way of making sure that customer’s problem is truly solves.
  • “I will personally follow it up for you.” – this shows one’s special involvement and special treatment for the customer.

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