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Owtel Philippines

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Owtel Philippines (One World Telecom) was established in 1999, it was originally a local telecom service provider which eventually turned into a call center company in the Philippines. At first, they have only few employees working with them. Eventually they turn into a bigger and better company. Owtel Philippines started mainly as a one stop specialty shop that concentrates mainly on high tech gadgets and accessories of any kind, including mobile phones, audio visual electronics gadgets, and netbooks/computers. Presently have branches in Hong Kong and in the Philippines as well. As of the moment they have venture in newly designed state of the art facility that focus on the new designs of the mobile phones, The AV products and their very own KATA which drives the customers through the stores and creating environment of the essential mobile gadgets store and experience.

Today, Owtel Philippines does not focused on one business alone but they venture also in BPO business, they have already telecommunications and call center industry kind of business. Owtel Philippines started to be a call center company also in the year of 1999; it has evolved itself into globally competitive market. They have already secured a position in the field of BPO. Now, they have reached a business depth and opportunity that covers Hong Kong, Philippines, and the USA, with a total of more than 700 employees all around the globe.

Keeping the company into a more productive and quality services they provide to their client, Owtel Philippines mission is to provide quality telecom services to their client, each company plays dissimilar roles to brand the Owtel services. Here in the Philippines, Owtel operates a call center to provide support to their clients around the globe.

Owtel Philippines call center is located in:

  • Owtel Ortigas
    16/F One San Miguel Bldg.
    San Miguel Ave. cor Shaw Blvd.
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

One World Telecom main headquarters is in:

One World Telecom (OWTel)
Alhambra, CA USA

For career opportunities, please visit Owtel Philippines Job Openings.


Ung allowance dito is more of what they call BRL.. pero pag nahire ka halimawa 20K ang offer sayo, it means na 20 percent doon ung allowance mo, pang akit nila yang tax shield. that is allowance. INDI raw taxable ung 20 percent ng sahod mo blah blah.. ang advantage lang nyan alam nyo ba ung mga manager soon 50 percent ang tax shield means kung ang sahod nila 40K compared to someone na 30k ang sahod, mas malaki pa ang tax ng 30k ang sahod.ganun yun!!

very great company..i miss owtel

PACIFIC which is far better than this. Theres a 2 weeks training from Mon- Fri 8am-3pm. I dunno if its payable. No personal development because their clients are only Filipinos abroad. Its you give who will give them their prospective lists. Working

hours is Mon-Fri 6am to 3pm and two saturdays each month. Salary is only 10,500 php only.

im not sure if it is . but the thing is im only a trainee and the policy that they had given wasnt! good they not goin to pay you after ur two weeks training f u didnt pass the training! i feel pressure wit these company! is this for real…??

I MISS TL KRISTAN of hongkong team one of the best team leaders that i had encountered

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  1. Philip Reply

    Can anyone help me? i need to know the landline # of owtel main office. This is with regards with my tablet na under warranty pa but almost 2months na wala pa rin feedback kung naayos na o hindi pa. I need to file a complain about there services. thanks.

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