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Pacific Sun Solutions

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Tracing its origins from as early 2003 in the machinery industry with its erstwhile name (Pacific Office Machines, Inc.), Pacific Sun Solutions has successfully transitioned in another industry and is now one of the leading providers of top-notch banking solutions for Philippine banks and other machinery needs. Combining the expertise of the employees from the previous regime and the current batch of goal-oriented professionals, Pacific Sun Solutions has found the right recipe for success in the banking machinery industry.

Providing quality products for banking and office supplies, Pacific Sun Solutions has convincingly cornered the market for the essential needs in banking. Pacific Sun Solutions assures top-of-line quality for its product that’s sure to stand the test of time.

For its customer care, our employees are well-suited and trained to handle every issue with poise while dealing it through their wealth of experience in such situations. Pacific Sun Solutions has mastered the art of producing durable products for banking such as Multi-currency Counters, High-Speed Coin Counters, and UV Money Detectors. With these devices, banking process would be much smoother, not to mention efficient in terms of limiting the stress for your employees.

Products such as check scanners and check encoders are also sold by Pacific Sun Solutions to their consumers which in turn, aid the overall process of dealing with checking accounts. Supplies for general use are also provided by Pacific Sun Solutions. Items such as Passbook Printers, Electric Perforators, and Electronic Typewriters will optimize the workload in your offices through the service it provides.

Pacific Sun Solutions is home to hordes of knowledgeable individuals with years of experience under their belts. Given the company’s eclectic pool of talents by virtue of the acquisition of the aforementioned machinery company, Pacific Sun Solutions won’t be limited to providing its clients with backing machinery service. Pacific Sun Solutions’ ability to crossover multiple platforms will serve as an advantage against the company’s competitors.

Pacific Sun Solutions call center office address:

  • Pacific Sun San Juan
    Pacific Office Machines Building
    28 EDSA, Greenhills
    San Juan City, Philippines

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