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Pacifica Solutions is a business process outsourcing firm which aims to be an integral partner of companies to provide unparalleled value to their total customer experience by offering a complete range of business process solutions like medical transcription, contact center services, web development and software development. Pacifica Solutions Philippines helps its partner companies leverage its assets in growing and maintaining competitiveness guided by the principles of innovation, excellence and results. Incidentally, these principles serve as the philosophy upon which the company is also built.

Pacifica Solutions deems every client a valuable partner. Beyond cost savings, the company helps in effectively fostering customer loyalty which is central for the sustainable operations and creating strategic impact. Its service is primarily about people helping people. Its main objective is attain happy and satisfied customers.

Among the services offered by Pacifica Solutions included Medical transcription which is characterized by its speed, accuracy, compliance, security and confidentiality. It accommodates Toll-Free, Digital Recorder and VOIP Dictation. The company also offers outbound and inbound Contact center services including Order Processing/Tracking, Product Support, Hotel Reservations, Customer Service, Telemarketing, and Surveys among others. Pacifica Solutions also offers web development and related services such as web marketing, Knowledge Portals, eCommerce Sites, Web-based Applications, Online Surveys and Web Reporting and Data Analysis.

Finally, Pacifica Solutions Philippines also offers Software development services for Accounting, Inventory management, Point of Sale systems, Retail, Sales Forecasting, Payroll preparation and Business Intelligence. This integrated system solutions are created from the ground-up to ensure that are perfectly tailor fit to existing company systems and needs. Pacifica Asia is located in the Philippines and can be contacted via USA toll-free at 1-888-677-4276 (1-88-TOPS4BPO).

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