Characteristics of a Good Call Center Company

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Working in a call center company defines most people’s job. This industry has catered big opportunities for people who long for a life that is comfortable. This place gave tons of big breaks for people who need it. Financially speaking, …

Bluestone Servicing Call Center

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Bluestone Company was established in Australia in 2000 has expanded successfully in Europe in 2009 and in New Zealand in 2003. An established business financial company and owned by multiple systematic investors Crescent Capital Partners, Lloyds International and Macquarie Bank …

Arinso International Philippines

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When it comes to helping organization in creating a competitive company, Arinso International├é┬ácommits itself in providing human resources to companies. Being a global leader in this field enables them to assist companies in finding the best person to work …

People Depot

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People Depot is a one-stop HR Outsourcing and Resource company that provides a comprehensive array of flexible and cost-effective human resource solutions from Resource Placement, Staff Augmentation, Pre Employment and Recruitment Process Outsourcing. People Depot Philippines core is transparency and …

Tips to Pass Call Center Interview

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Apart from the substance or content of your responses to questions, one’s communication skills or the way a person speaks is also evaluated during a call center interview. An applicant’s communication skills is given weight in assessing if an applicant …

Searchfuse Marketing Management

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Searchfuse Marketing Management is a digital marketing service firm composed of seasoned marketing consultants, top strategists and creative experts from London, Dubai and Manila who came together to establish the best marketing campaigns in the world. At the heart of …

Being a Call Center Agent

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When you were in school, you did your best in order to get good grades, because you believe that good grades meant a good job once you stepped out of the academe. What you do not realize while you were …

Importance of Team Building in Call Center

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Team building is an important activity in an organization, which functions as a team to ensure cohesiveness, unity and psychological discipline. Here are reasons why team building is important in a call center.

All work and no play makes Jack

Inform Group PTY LTD

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Inform Group is Australian based BPO Company that provides Sales, Marketing and Services for Australia, Asia and Global clients. It forms design and implement solutions that address important business goals. Among its solutions included Sales Fulfilment, Inside Sales Service, Appointment …