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PanAsiatic Solutions

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PanAsiatic Solutions in the Philippines was created and soon will be operational by the help of group of young entrepreneurs to seal the gap in the service market for a world-class call center operation at a very competitive rate, so that companies that needed services which is affordable and yet can deliver a good quality services is their main target in the business. PanAsiatic Solutions have come up with this to compete in the growing needs of the business and can reach different clients all over the world. They have studied and carefully plan this business venture for them to accommodate all the growing business call centers that needs their services. Their soon to be clients need not to go to the top players or provider to assist them in their business problems, they need not to pay extra or additional expenses to get a quality, reliability service they need. All they have to do is to seek the assistance and services of the PanAsiatic Solutions.
The company recommends and provides an exceptional built to suit solutions and custom design and construction services to their clients. They are assuring to their soon to be clients the best service at the best price ever. In terms of their services which include the sales, customer care, technical support and back office support.

The PanAsiatic Solutions is a member of the family of contact centers that delivers all-in-one business process outsourcing to Fortune 500 companies throughout the world for more than a decade now, and the PanAsiatic company has a sister companies in Latin and South America like the place of Colombia and Guatemala.

PanAsiatic Solutions will be located at East Block Circumferential Road in Quezon City Philippines. It has a three-story building with a land area of 7500 square meters to accommodate the growing number of their staffs to suit the needs of their clients worldwide.

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  1. Russell G. Herrera Reply

    How do you go to PanAsiatic Solutions at East Block Circumferential Road in Quezon City?

    • pye Reply

      It should be Bacolod City, instead of Quezon, just so you know.

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