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Part Time Jobs in Call Center

Part-time jobs refer to a type of employment in which employee renders less than the average 40 hours a week of a full time job. Part time jobs usually refer to jobs in which workers work 30 or less hours per week or 4 hours a day. Part-time jobs have drastically increased in the last few years because of the need of people to find additional means of income to support their needs.

Many full time employees find part time job to earn supplementary income. Others like students look for part time jobs to find means to finance or support their studies or find some experience. Still others like mothers work part time to keep themselves productive. In whatever reason a person may need a part time job, it is always for the good because part time jobs help people become productive and earn money, earn experience and earn more friends.

In the call center industry, part time jobs are provided by many call center companies. This is used by call center companies to fill in spots in the operations which do not really entail full time work. Part time jobs are also offered during peak seasons in fill in the momentary demand for calls. Hiring part time helps the company save money from regularizing employees. It also allows company to hire qualified employees who simply don’t have the time to give for full time work. Finally, it also helps company to get and train potential employees especially part time students for full time employment later.

Part time call center positions are available practically for everyone except for those who are currently employed in another call center company, especially if the nature of job is the same. There will apparently be a conflict of interest if one is employed in two companies engaged in the same line of work. However, if the nature of work is different, getting a part time job in the other could be possible. For instance, one is a full time customer service representative in a certain call center company and finds a part time job as an English tutor in an English tutorial Call center company.

Qualifications for a part time job as a call center agent would differ depending on the account to be handled by the position. A part time tech support for instance might entail a course in computer or IT, which is not the case for a part time job as a customer support representative. In most instances, an applicant should be in the college level to apply for a part time call center job and must equally have a strong command of English.

While part time jobs only entails at least four hours a day of service to the job, this work nevertheless equally entails one’s commitment and dedication to the job. A part time job should not be taken lightly because it could be the channel to one’s major career move that could lead to one’s bigger success in life.

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  1. 13/04/08

    Hi Ma’am/Sir, I have read from this advertisement that you are accepting a part time call center agent here in Sutherland(Pili, Cmarines Sur). I would like to apply for the job. I have graduated from Central Bicol State University of Agriculture with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English.

    Thank you and More Power!

  2. 14/06/16

    good day mam/sir how can I apply for that part time job?
    I’m undergrad of bs.computer science and i’m graduating this coming october.

  3. steffanny gonzales Reply

    Greeting’s Sir/Ma’am I read your advertisement and I would like to join in your team . I’m Second year college, taking BSBA – Major in marketing At Our Lady Of Fatima University . I just need a summer job so that i can earn money during days that I’m Free.

    Hoping to recieve your regards.

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