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PayrollHero Philippines

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PayrollHero is a customer friendly time, attendance, scheduling and payroll software application that is built for cloud and mobile access. PayrollHero Philippines is designed to optimize productivity of employee and facilitate happiness and satisfaction of all stakeholders of a company.

The application software basically automates the process of time in and time out of employees especially for very large companies. It is fully inter phased with payroll preparation in which company policies can be inputed to reflect accurately how time and attendance can be tracked and manage and how salaries will be computer based on the company policies. PayrollHero helps simplify the scheduling process by permitting users to change work shifts, which helps company create proper schedules so that the company is efficiently staffed all the times thereby preventing unnecessary overtime.

The software uses facial recognition technology as its primary biometric to ensure that it is the right employees who come to work at the right time and place thereby eradicating buddy punching and ghost employees. The application integrates with MyTimeClock for the iPhone and TimeClock for the iPad to allow convenience of clocking in and out quickly and efficiently. This means that employees need not converge in the bundy clock area just to time in or out. For monitoring and management, the application automatically generates different reports in different formats for management use and decision making. It also integrates with different branches thereby integrating the monitoring of attendance information of employees from different office branches. It can also track employee via IP and GPS location for better monitoring.

Payroll prepration is also streamlined by automating payroll calculation including the deduction of tax rules and regulations and other government mandated contributions. It also allows for automatic completion of government forms and generation of employee payroll reports for individual employee monitoring of their allowances and benefits.

At the moment, the PayrollHero is only available in the Philippines but will be available very soon across the world.

PayrollHero Philippines call center office address:

  • PayrollHero Taguig
    14th floor Picadilly Star
    4th Ave, Bonifacio Global City
    Taguig City Philippines

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