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The Penbrothers International

The Penbrothers International is a company based in the Philippines that has more than 20 years of experience when it comes to creating, enhancing and expanding diverse companies both local and in Asia. It focuses in providing assistance to Philippine businesses in handling their operational needs. Penbrothers Philippines finds and handles services to assist businesses and firms to achieve its goals and also, to provide guaranteed solutions to their current needs and requirements. Whether the business’ goals include expanding internationally or the simple need of consultation from an outside expert, Penbrothers is the company that can offer the service.

Human Resources
– Employment
– Payroll
– Tax Compliance
– Benefits
Legal Services
– Advice
– Contract Management
Manning Service
– Hiring
– Screening
– Benefits
Office Solution Fees
– Meetings
– Working
– Events

Why Work at The Penbrothers International
The Penbrothers International is a company that values its employees because it believes that its success lies within its associates. In this company, there are lots of opportunities given to those who are passionate enough to pursue their professional goals. Various trainings and career enhancement programs are offered by the company in order for its associates and team members to refine and thus, maximize their skills. Not only that, the employees are also given the chance for self-development. It also promotes work-life balance, so you can be sure that your time is not just for work, but also for yourself, family and friends. Furthermore, the company provides competitive salary, awesome compensation and benefits package as well as a fun and exciting work environment.

Job Opportunities
As a company that expands continually, The Penbrothers International is also continuously in search for candidates who can be part of its team. There are various job opportunities that the company currently has to offer, so if you are passionate, goal oriented and is seeking for a company that can provide you with the career development that has not been offered to you before, then you have a room at Penbrothers.

The Penbrothers Philippines call center office address:

  • Penbrothers Makati
    5/f PL Building
    100 C Palanca St.
    Legaspi Village
    Makati City, Philippines

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