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Pentana Solutions

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Pentana Solutions

A trailblazer in the automotive business, Pentana Solutions has proven to be a formidable driving force behind the innovation that has shaped the industry. Pentana Solutions Philippines has become a tremendous pillar in the automotive world as it has provided services that changed the landscape of the industry it’s dominating today.

Quality of services is what Pentana Solutions has been known for throughout its years in the Automotive field. The company has continually reinvented the services it offers and provides to the clients to match what the industry currently needs. With the ever-changing trends that every industry is known for, Pentana Solutions made a name for itself through its adaptability and the consistent quality of the services it provides.

For 40 years, Pentana Solutions has been able to face the changes that the industry went through head-on. Pentana Solutions, with its keenness on innovation, was able to stay relevant in the automotive industry. With a steady balance of knowledge and experience, Pentana Solutions weathered every storm that comes with every flourishing industry.

Pentana Solution’s flagship service is its Retail Dealer Management System. Through its services, Pentana Solutions has been able to manage the intricacies of the operations that comes within every deal in the automotive industry. Overall, Pentana Solutions’ Retail Dealer Management System will help its clients in more ways than enhancing the organization of their overall operations to assure a high level of success.

Sub-services under Retail Dealer Management System include Business Intelligence, Aftersales, and Showroom which are sure to smoothen the flow of your business while taking care of the necessities that comes with the Automotive Business.

These services will enhance the notoriety of your business to entice more customers while protecting your current customers against the troubles of purchasing/owning a car. Pentana Solutions, through its services, will provide an all-encompassing aid for your company’s needs.

Pentana Solutions main office address:

  • Pentana Australia
    549 Blackburn Road,
    Mount Waverley, Victoria

Pentana Solutions call center office address:

  • Pentana Makati
    9/F The Enterprise Center Tower 1
    6766 Ayala Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

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