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People Fluent is an international business process outsourcing firm that specializes in Talent and workforce management, vendor management, workforce compliance and diversity solutions through modern technology and profound expertise. Concentrating on business intelligence and analytics, the mobile and SaaS technology of the company help its clients the profound insight needed to make tactical decisions to achieve better business results. The solutions that People Fluent Philippines provides help administer the whole talent lifecycle from recruitment to on boarding while simultaneously providing continuing management of each individual’s career and assisting organizations gauge, evaluate and empower their extent manpower.

Owned by Bedford Funding, People fluent is owned by focuses on Human Capital Management. Among its major solutions included Recruitment, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Compensation, Compliance & Diversity, Contingent Labor, Workforce Communications, Workforce Modeling, Data Integrity, Organizational Charting and Workforce Reporting and Workforce Planning and Analytics.

People Fluent BPO uniquely capitalizes on technology in rendering its services. It utilizes the power of the Cloud and virtualization to effectively recruit talent and deploy them where and when they are needed. It delivers under Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model which helps eradicate the high costs of information technology and provide scalability, security, and power required by large, complex organizations. Its solution is highly customizable and included self-service configuration to allow complicate business needs especially for large, complex organizations without compromising on key values. People fluent also uses the next phase of web’s evolution, “Web 3.0.”, which allows for more immerse experiences, agile creation, and integration of technologies.

Finally, People Fluent BPO also implements mobile Technology using iPad apps for Talent Management through which talents can connect and for recruitment, Compensation, Employee Performance, and Leadership Development for implementation, integration, customer education and product training, product support and account management.

People Fluent BPO is headquartered in 300 Fifth Avenue Waltham, MA USA telephone (781) 530-2000/ (877) 422-1114/ (781) 530-2001.

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