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PeoplePartners BPO

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PeoplePartners BPO Inc. is a company recognized as one of the rapidly expanding BPO companies in the industry. It focuses in Business Brokerage, Sales Support and Back-Office services. Propelled by its fundamental values, along with its desire, liability and resourcefulness, PeoplePartners Philippines is completely dedicated to empowering its clients attain rationalized growth and improved bottom lines. Therefore, the company’s primary objective is to employ, keep and enhance exceptionally talented and like-minded individuals that will not simply fill job posts for the clients, but also work hand in hand as PeoplePartners convey itself to further accomplishments.


Real Estate Trust Account Management
PeoplePartners provides endwise real estate trust account management to rationalize the responsibilities that include investing and overseeing assets of the real estate within a trust. These services incorporate the experience and expertise that the company has enhanced by means of a variety real-estate property campaigns that it has handled previously.

Sales Support
PeoplePartners has a profound understanding of the essence of customer journey, and therefore, it has created a Sales Support Process that provides advanced methods to maintain the client sales pipeline zeroed in on clients’ proficient leads. After that, the company will see these potential clients through until they become loyal customers. The clients can then be reassured that all of these are happening while PeoplePartners makes the most out of the clients’ costs of customer acquisition.

PeoplePartners Sales Support team is responsible for the following:
– Outbound and inbound sales
– After Sales Support
– Sales Surveys
– Cross Sell and Upsell
– Customer Account Renewals

Back Office
PeoplePartners also provides a proficient advantage for its clients through offering back office support that aids in abridging and industrialize their financial and administrative management all while experiencing complete transparency into data that they need. This enables the clients to manage more compliantly.

PeoplePartners Back Office Support includes the following:
– Executive assistance
– Accounting
– Bookkeeping
– Data entry
– Data processing

PeoplePartners is a company that grows continually. Thus, it is also in constant search for talented individuals who can be part of its team of professionals. The company also believes that its people is its greatest asset, and so it makes sure that everyone is treated fairly. Apart from the hiring process that only takes 48 hours, the employees are also entitled to day shifts only. Aside from that, PeoplePartners also offers opportunities to its employees to be developed both personally and professionally.

PeoplePartners BPO call center office address:

  • PeoplePartners Eastwood
    8/f IBM Plaza
    Eastwood City, Libis
    Quezon City, Philippines

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