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Perfect Pitch Tech Philippines

PerfectPitch is an outsourcing company that specializes in providing solutions lead generation call centres from compliance issues, turnover rates, underperformance and agent communications problems. In particular, Perfect Pitch provides a proprietary hosted call centre suite called Ready Response technology that flawlessly integrate with pre-recorded audio into live agent conversations, which allows call center companies to be 100% compliant. Perfect Pitch essentially permits call centres to manage and monitor their message and image, radically enhance agent efficiency, streamline the human resource processes, and attain large cost saving without conflicts of interest.

Perfect Pitch’s suite solves the most common and critical problems that call centers often face such as undesirable foreign accents, script and campaign compliance, agent efficiency and utilization and training, management and quality assurance. The company also provides services such as Script Consulting, Custom IVR Applications, Call Center Training, Voice Talent Coaching, Click-to-Call Integration and SIP Consulting. Moreover, Perfect Pitch Tech Philippines also provides certifications for companies who want to create their own scripts and pitches. It provides Perfect Pitch Black Belts for individuals and Perfect Pitch certification for call centers.

Perfect Pitch Tech Philippines call center office location:

  • PerfectPitch Bicol
    Redlanch Business Park
    Donya Maria Tagas Daraga
    Albay, Bicol

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