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Perfecting Your English for Call Center Job

You might have been considering getting a job in a call center, but you’re not so confident with your grammar and English. If this is the case, believe, for once, that even though this is the major thing that could get you in the job, this is also easy to address. Employment process only takes a day of confidence in you to get that job, and a bit of preparation. How do prepare to perfect you English? First of all, keep in mind that nothing is ever perfect, and that even Americans are not really good in English. Now here’s how you equip yourself with English language skills.

Read English literature. This could mean books, magazines, leaflets, online articles and everything that is written in English. It is the perfect way of widening your vocabulary and of determining the correct syntax in grammar. Proper choice of words and some local slangs can also be picked up upon reading novels. Furthermore, reading also fills up your time when boredom strikes as you wait for that call for interview.

Watch English movies. The outcome of reading books versus watching movies has a huge difference. While you nourish your vocabulary in reading, watching English movies can nourish your pronunciation and the way you say things. It is recommended that you watch movies with subtitles for further understanding.

Practice. Speaking in English when it’s not necessary can be awkward, but that is the only way for you to be able to practice what you’ve learned from the previous tips. Reading and listening is not just enough, you should be able to apply what you’ve learned in real life. Talk to your friends in English and ask them to talk to you in English as well. Ask them to correct you, too, if there are some lapses in your grammar and pronunciation. If they are real, then they will support you.

Having a foreign interest helps big time. If you are crazy about Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus or other Hollywood celebrities, it helps big time. You are exposed to their routines, you must have watched a lot of interviews and read a lot of things about them. These materials are all in English so it’s definitely a plus.

You do not need to go back to school or read textbook just to polish your English. After you aced that final interview, you will still undergo training on speech and language, so there really is nothing to fret upon speaking to foreign customers.

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