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Perks of Being a BPO Agent

Posted on August 11, 2016 | No Comments on Perks of Being a BPO Agent

Are you one of the thousand people who work in a BPO Company? Are you one of the thousand applicants who passes the long and tedious application process of your job? If yes, then you are definitely a real call center agent. Congratulations for passing the narrow road in being one. There are numerous perks that you can enjoy. This includes the luxury of time when it comes to having a convenient schedule. Aside from this, the following statements are some of the perks of every call center agent I have known.

Health Card Benefit – Yes, this perk enables a call center agent to experience having checked up annually. Aside from that, he is also able to send himself to the doctor without thinking about the hospital bills and professional fee. It is definitely a good perk that you must consider in work.

Convenient Schedule – Some BPO companies have this convenient schedule in which people benefit from. The agents are grateful whenever they have a convenient schedule because it gives them time to be with their loved ones. With its night or day shift, schedule is the greatest consideration that every agent think. Luckily, there are BPO companies who offer this one.

Bonus and Compensation – As what the song says, “It is not about the money.” However, money spices up one’s work because of additional compensation and bonus. Additional salary allows the agent to work more. Bonus inspires people to strive harder and do better. This definitely defines what a BPO company is like. Therefore, if you wish to work as one, consider this, too.

These are just some of the perks of a call center agent. Honestly, there are still lots of perks and this depends on their company already. For example, some companies provide travel package for those who excelled in their job. They are given expense-free trip abroad as well. Moreover, some people are able to buy their new clothes and shoes because of the gift certificate that they receive. This definitely inspires people to do more in their job. There are times when the companies are giving birthday celebrations to their agents. This just defines what a loving working environment is.

There is no perfect BPO company. But if these people strive for something that is better, then they should be consistent in aiming for the leading brands of BPO.

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