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Perot Systems Philippines

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Perot Systems is a top notch international outsourcing provider of information technology services and business solutions. It utilizes an adaptable and collaborative approach in its solutions incorporated with expertise from the company’s extensive experience in serving companies from different industries. In the end, Perot Philippines is able to provide custom solutions that empower companies to speed up growth, improve profitability, rationalize operations and heighten customer value and satisfaction.

Perot Systems is also commonly called Dell Systems. This is because Dell computers acquired Perot Systems in 2009. Dell is known as one of the leading manufacturers of PC brands. Thus the acquisition led to the merger of two iconic information-technology brands which are complementary to each others Moreover, both companies manifest a similar commitment to strong, relationship-based business cultures. The acquisition allowed Perot systems to avail of the comprehensive IT services and business services portfolio of Dell which improved and expanded its service offerings. Thus, Perot Systems Philippines indeed not only customize solutions but actually personalize it to some extent to make it individually perfect to your needs.

In availing of the services of Perot Systems, companies are able to attain over 50 percent reduction in rack footprint. Another insurance company for instance, was able to break free from their regular updating of information technology by adapting Perot IT systems solutions that allows cross platform operations. Finally, a telecommunications firm was able to respond for its need of global deployment and technology to take a bigger market share in Asia and the U.S.

Perot Systems is headquartered in Plano, Texas, USA, with locations in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Perot Systems Philippines call center office address:

  • Perot Systems Makati
    22nd Flr. Tower 2
    The Enterprise Center
    Ayala Ave. cor Paseo De Roxas
    Makati City Philippines

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