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Persuasion Technologies

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Persuasion Technologies is a company that is known to be of focus in transforming visitors of various sites of businesses into actual buyers and sooner or later, regular customer. The company’s techniques are data-driven and focused on customer retention. Understanding the clients’ buying behavior is one of the vital elements in Presuasion Technologies’ decision making.

The company has been recognized as Google Analytics certified partner and Adwords Partner Company that is based in Malaysia. Persuasion Technologies operates because businesses are in search for a brand new outlook in their present-day practices in marketing. The team that comprises the company possesses profound roots in the inline industry since 1999. The company’s aim is to perform with its clients to determine what functions better for their businesses in producing revenues rather than casually luxuriating on media that does not talk to the clients’ target audience.

Persuasion Technologies makes sure that it does what it can mea sure. Why splurge when the clients can absolutely spend less? The company’s team of talented individuals is dedicated into providing assistance to its clients in increasing their business revenues through centering on enhancing conversions of their efforts in marketing. Furthermore, the company is also willing to learn more about the clients’ businesses and target market to guarantee that their operations are augmented to produce favorable results. Finally, Persuasion Technologies is more than willing and happy to share knowledge and expertise to its clients’ teams as part of their enhancement and expansion plans, as sharing knowledge has always been part of the company’s culture.

– Statistical Analysis
– Data Segmentation and Analysis
– CRM Methodologies
– Various Remarking Tactics
– Integration of Online and Offline Marketing
– Search Engine Marketing
– Online Media Buying with Programmatic Buying
– Reduce Online Cart Abandonment Tactics
– Training Programs
– Customized and Personalized in-House Training Programs

Persuasion Technologies is a company that grows continually. With the company’s expansion, it sincerely believes that its most important asset is its people. These passion driven individuals are behind the company’s success. That’s why the company makes sure that its people are well taken care off. Aside from the impressive salary packages and highly competitive benefits, the employees are also guaranteed a clear path towards career success as each of them is given the opportunity to cultivate their potential and eventually use it to step up in their respective careers.

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