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A subsidiary of Western Union, PetNet has successfully solidified the connection of its mother company to the network of people that need its services. Since its inception in 1998, PetNet has provided the needed third party help for transferring money anywhere around the globe. With outlets across a handful of countries, PetNet has ushered in an easier and more accessible way of transferring money whenever it’s needed.

Growth has been inevitable for PetNet. The company was able to capitalize on the money transferring market and has built an empire of outlets in 3,000 locations. Branches in banks, pawnshops, business centers, money-changers, supermarkets among other easily accessible locations help the overall process of transferring money to those who are in need at the fastest possible time.

Through the credibility its mother company has built throughout the years, PetNet has the proper foundation in terms of providing quality services for its clients. With an impressive background that spans through decades of service, PetNet will surely provide a quality of money transferring service that’ll be the standard for years to come.

Aside from its usual money transferring services, PetNet also provides the highest exchange rate for dollars. With such denomination for international remittances, PetNet clients and Western Union clients will surely be provided with better money valuation.

PetNet also provides DEPED salary loans that aim to help teachers solve their monetary problems. Powered by CitySavings Bank, PetNet’s DEPED salary loan program will make it easier for teachers to loan money for their immediate personal needs or funding for their classroom.

The company’s goal is to bring the convenience of money transferring back to its clients. PetNet hates long queues and enduring processes that can hamper the immediacy of the money that needs to be transferred. With branches that are easily accessible across the country, PetNet has definitely delivered on its lofty promise.

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