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Petron Philippines Careers

Petron Philippines Careers sounds very interesting. Once employed in this prestigious company need not to worry about compensation and benefits given by Petron. Even an ordinary employee receives fair compensation compared to other oil companies in the Philippines. In Petron, they surely consider their Human Resource as the most valued asset in the company. They consider being the industries’ leader in global objectives because of their leadership, competence and their teamwork on their people. Leadership among others is their main objectives in achieving their success in the oil industry, competence or the ability to serve their clients the best services has to offer, teamwork of the employees is very much needed in order for them to reached the highest peak of success in working with one another by means of effective, harmonious and positive way.

The Petron Bataan refinery (PBR) is the country’s biggest and largest combined crude oil refinery and petrochemicals complex. It was launched in 1961 with a volume of 25,000 barrels per day transaction. Up to now it has already been reached its existing rated capacity of 180,000 barrels per day. As of the records of Petron it has reached its highest peak based on the transactions per day of the company. That is why more jobs opening are open and they are still hiring on different career opportunities that might open on their different branches nationwide. Among their jobs openings in their different branches nationwide includes the Area Sales Executives, Depot Engineer, Depot Technician/Clerk, Area Engineer, Accountant / Financial Engineer this must preferably a graduate of four year course must passed the board exams as a CPA, also the Internal Auditor. Engineering graduate for the refinery Engineer, the Planning Analyst and the Administration Assistant these and more can be apply at the Petron Philippines Careers.

Once applied in this company the processing time usually takes up to three months to thoroughly review the applicant’s papers. The first step on their hiring process is the Preliminary Screening or the evaluation of the applicants’ papers. Secondly, the Preliminary Interview, the eligible applicants invited for an interview by the Human resource Associate. Third is the Pre-Employment Examinations, in this step the applicant undertaking sequences of exams that will take the test usually take to two to three hours to finish. Next is the Line Interview, if passed the previous interview and the examinations, second interview will be the next step. This includes the management members, this maybe a panel or one on one interview or maybe both. Followed by the Line Interview is the Line Decision. This maybe the final decision depending ton the results of the pre-employment and medical examinations. The final is the Salary Offer; the successful applicant is called for a remuneration offer. Then if the applicant agrees on their agreement he/ she will be given an employment contract in Petron Corporation.

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